Print Another well kept secret about Foto 1 is that we are a Canon Authorized Dealer.  Who knew?  

We sell the complete line of Canon EOS and PowerShot cameras!  Now before you get all excited and make the trip to beautiful Elkins, West Virginia remember we are a small Canon Dealer.  By small I mean we don't keep a bunch of inventory in stock but we can special order any camera or accessory that Canon offers.  You might think that is an inconvenience but you could look at it as an advantage.  When we get your camera in it will be brand spanking new from Canon and not something that has been setting on the shelf for months or an imported knock off.  And on top of that we give expert advice on every Canon camera we sell.  

It is our brand of choice for all of our studio and sports work and we are always happy to help customers who purchase from us.